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9 April 2009

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Splashdown Teleplay by
Shane Rimmer

Directed by
Leo Eaton

Edited by
Harry MacDonald

Original UK Airdate:
November 24th, 1968 (ATV Midlands)

"Joe, whatever happens, don't let that speedboat get near the sub
- or we may never see the Professor again."

Joe 90 becomes a superb pilot when he encounters drama in the air
while investigating the deaths of two electronics experts.

*   *   *

Two major air crashes are complete mysteries, but they have one thing in common: in each case, an electronics expert has disappeared, and it is suspected that they were kidnapped before the crashes.

The World Intelligence Network plan a trap to foil a third attempt by persuading Professor McClaine and Joe to fly to Istanbul. As a world electronics authority, the Professor will be the bait, and Joe is given the brain pattern of a U.S. Army Air Force test pilot.

Sure enough, Mac and Joe are tailed on their way to the airport, and the flight is well under way and not far from Athens when a man named Kramer, with the help of the stewardess, makes an appearance and drugs both the pilot and co-pilot. Beneath them in the sea a launch waits to transfer the Professor to a submarine.

Mac is forced at gun-point to escape by way of a parachuted cylinder, together with the stewardess and Kramer, but Joe is left in the plane, which is now pilotless.

Joe dons his special glasses and takes over the controls. Returning to the spot where his father was abducted and where the launch is preparing to contact the submarine, he produces some spectacular flying to prevent their joining up. The sub is forced to submerge, Mac is saved, and a sinister death plot is revealed.

Regular Cast:
Joe, Mac, Sam, Shane
Additional Voice Cast:
Anton Keith Alexander
Kramer David Healy
Captain William Barry Keith Alexander
Co-Pilot Frank Casper Gary Files
Stewardess Sylvia Anderson
Mrs. Mary Rose Sylvia Anderson
Watson Martin King
Bates David Healy

The closing credits wrongly attribute the teleplay to Tony Barwick,but the original script for the episode clearly indicates it was written by Shane Rimmer.

Taken from the front page of an original script for Splashdown

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