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Last updated
9 April 2009

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King For A Day Teleplay by
Shane Rimmer

Directed by
Leo Eaton

Edited by
Alan Killick

Original UK Airdate:
November 10th, 1968 (ATV Midlands)

"We've tried the impossible before, Dad. Besides, it could be fun."

Joe 90 impersonates the heir to a Middle Eastern country who has been
kidnapped to prevent his enthronement: but Joe himself is then abducted.

*   *   *

The Sultan of Ardaji is killed in a car crash deliberately caused by the Regent, Ben Shazar, who has designs on the throne. The custom of the country is that the new Sultan must be crowned within twenty-four hours.

The heir is at school in England, and Ben Shazar's men abduct him. The World Intelligence Network is informed, and Joe 90 is given the brain patterns of the young Prince's tutor so that he can take the Prince's place and be familiar with the country, its customs and its people.

While the WIN organisation searches for the young Sultan, Joe flies to Ardaji, where he is put through every test by Ben Shazar who, when satisfied that this really is the Sultan, realises the only way for him to gain the throne is to arrange a second kidnapping. Joe is abducted after his food has been drugged.

But by now the real Sultan has been found and is already on his way to Ardaji for the coronation. Ben Shazar is dumbfounded when he discovers that the coronation is to take place with the rightful heir, after all, but now his treachery is known. Can he escape and can Joe be rescued?

Regular Cast:
Joe, Mac, Sam, Shane
Additional Voice Cast:
Salim Keith Alexander
Ben Shazar Gary Files
Vizier Gary Files
Stewardess Sylvia Anderson
Driver Gary Files
Radio (voice) Keith Alexander

In the script as filmed, the new Sultan must be crowned within forty eight hours.


The rightful heir - Prince
Kahib - will be summoned
from England within the
allotted twenty four hours
and shall be crowned
King twenty four hours

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