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Last updated
9 April 2009

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Arctic Adventure Teleplay by
Tony Barwick

Directed by
Alan Perry

Edited by
Alan Killick

Original UK Airdate:
January 5th, 1969 (ATV Midlands)

"Joe, you'd better turn back. If you get into difficulties, we won't be able to help."

Joe 90 has to find a secret nuclear bomb which is buried in Arctic waters.

*   *   *

A World Air Force bomber goes off course in a storm in the Arctic and is forced to ditch and destroy its secret nuclear bombs. The crew eject safely, but unfortunately one of the bombs has failed to explode and is now buried in Arctic waters. A major political incident is threatened because the spot is in Eastern Alliance territory.

The one man who has the knowledge and ability to recover the bomb is Dr. William Kelvin. But he is 70 years old - too old for this sort of venture. However, during a quick visit to him, his brain patterns are recorded and later transferred to Joe 90

Joe, now equipped with unrivalled knowledge of the sea-bed, is taken to the Arctic and goes off on a solo search in a tiny submarine. He locates the bomb, but radar gives warning to the Eastern base commanders, who send two killer submarines to search for the mystery intruder.

Despite the acute danger he is now in, Joe grimly goes ahead with his task of trying to dislodge the bomb from the rocks in which it is wedged. Somehow, he has to elude the chasing killer-subs, and also get the bomb to safety....

Regular Cast:
Joe, Mac, Sam, Shane, Mrs. Harris
Additional Voice Cast:
1st Russian Gary Files
Commander Kovac David Healy
2nd Russian Jeremy Wilkin
Pilot Gary Files
Co-Pilot Hal Jeremy Wilkin
Radio (voice) Gary Files
Dr. William Kelvin Gary Files
Captain (voice) Keith Alexander

The original title for this episode was The Search.

In the episode as filmed, the bombs are not ditched and destroyed...


WESTON: Three have
been located and recovered.
The fourth is missing.

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