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Last updated
9 April 2009

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This is Professor McClaine’s brain child, the culmination of a lifetime’s interest and research in the field of electronics. It is housed in his top secret underground laboratory at the cottage where he and Joe live. It is a highly sophisticated electronic machine capable of recording the brain patterns of one person and transferring them to another. In the course of events, a number of "tapes" have been collected, but it is usually necessary when a JOE 90 mission starts to go out and get the brain recordings of the expert whose knowledge is needed.

The Rat TrapTo receive the brain transfer Joe sits himself comfortably in a special chair; this rises up into a circular "cage". Once inside, the machine is switched on, the "cage" begins to revolve - the tape is run.

Various electronic noises and psychedelic light effects are produced as the transfer begins to take effect. To Joe, this is a matter of routine and not an unpleasant experience - in fact he seems to enjoy it all.

After he has received the brain transfer, the recording works only when he wears a pair of special glasses with a set of built-in electrodes which connect to his temples. Wearing the glasses, Joe has the ability, skill, experience and knowledge of the expert. Without them he is just another boy.

The exact technical details of the way in which the BIG RAT works are a closely guarded secret, known only to Professor McClaine. There are, of course, plans, circuit diagrams and other technical details stored away, but even if found it would require something of the genius of Professor McClaine to understand them.

Details taken from the Joe 90 "writers' guide", written by series script editor Tony Barwick and scriptwriter Shane Rimmer based on the format and characters developed by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson.

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