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Last updated
9 April 2009

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Mac's Car


This is a car built by Mac to his own specifications. Its lack of design and unusual appearance is explained by the fact that, as a Professor-type, Mac has concentrated on performance.

It travels quickly while as a hovercraft or on land, sea or in the air. It has retractable wings and fins. Retractable wheels.

In the air its maximum speed is 300 miles per hour. On the sea 70 knots. On land 200 miles per hour.

It uses a special high octane essence and does about 20 miles to the gallon. It is powered by two powerful jet engines.

Colour: Metallic Viridian green


Modern two door saloon. Metallic silver grey.

Gas turbine job. Does 200 miles an hour.

Sam's Car

Details taken from the Joe 90 "writers' guide", written by series script editor Tony Barwick and scriptwriter Shane Rimmer based on the format and characters developed by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson.

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