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9 April 2009

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THE 1960s/1970s
Joe 90 Jet Soap - front of pack JOE 90 JET SOAP
© 1969 Century 21 Merchandising

From "The House of Romney", and with an over-the top name just like their "Captain Scarlet Asteroid Talc" this 2.75oz (78g) bar of soap comes in a paper wrapper featuring an image of Joe in the Rat Trap.

The actual soap bar is white and embossed with Joe's W.I.N. "Most Special Agent" badge on one side, and "ROMNEY" on the other.

Joe 90 Jet Soap - front of bar

It doesn't feature at all in Dennis W. Nicholson's wonderful book The Gerry Anderson Memorabilia Guide, which gives you some idea as to its rarity. I'd certainly never seen it until it appeared on eBay in 2008. Who keeps a bar of soap for forty years? Thankfully, someone did!

Joe 90 Jet Soap - rear of pack Joe 90 Jet Soap - rear of bar

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