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9 April 2009

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THE 1960s/1970s
Joe 90 Plimsolls - blue

© I.T.P.

"These are Joe Kyuu Juu's special plimsolls.
Without them, he's a boy.
Wearing them, he's a boy with plimsolls."

Sorry about that. Made by Japan's biggest shoe manufacturer MoonStar, these sturdy little rubber-soled chaps came in various sizes (14.0 to 22.5, UK equivalent is child 6½ to adult 3½) and had a white "flash" motif on the front of each shoe featuring a drawing of Joe at the controls of an aircraft, with Mac's Car flying behind him.

Inside was a simple line drawing of Joe with gun drawn and his case to one side.

Joe 90 Plimsolls - inside
Joe 90 Plimsolls - white

The shoes were available in different colours, including white and blue.

The box art also featured Sam and his car, and the Rat Trap symbol. The boxes themselves were several different sizes depending on the size of shoe inside.

Joe 90 Plimsolls - box
Japanese plimsolls and advertisement board

In-store promotional devices included this large 13 ¾" diameter board, which has the same image on both sides and presumably hung from the ceiling.

Made in Japan.

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