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9 April 2009

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The 1960s/1970s

Joe 90 View-Master outer envelope

© A.T.V. (Overseas) Ltd. 1968
® GAF Corporation, New York, N.Y. U.S.A.

B 456 (Reels individually numbered B 4561, B4562 & B4563).

Envelope and contents made in Belgium.

Joe 90 View-Master reels

A pack of three reels, each containing 7 images - actually 14 pictures on each reel, taken with a special camera which mimicked the stereoscopic way we look at the world.

Here's the science bit. Each of our eyes sees the world from a slightly different position, so when each eye sees the same picture (but taken from slightly different angles), our brain perceives it as depth. Hence the 3D effect with View-Master.

A photographer armed with one of these special cameras visited the Century 21 studios in Slough during production of the episode Attack Of The Tiger, and took photographs of the puppets and models "in situ".

The package consists of a colour outer envelope featuring a nice shot of Joe in the Rat Trap, a standard inner envelope containing the three reels, and a three colour 16-page illustrated booklet.

Also available in Italian ("Operazione Tigre") and French ("Opération Tigre").

Joe 90 View-Master booklet

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