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Last updated
9 April 2009

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#24  MISSION X-41
Mission X-41

Teleplay by
Pat Dunlop

Directed by
Ken Turner

Edited by
Norman A. Cole

Original UK Airdate:
March 30th, 1969 (ATV Midlands)

"Don't they realise what we're dealing with.
There's enough X41 in that retort to destroy a whole city."

Joe 90 parachutes into an enemy research station
in a daring search for a secret formula.

*   *   *

A demonstration of the new virus X-14* shows that it is capable of breaking down the molecular structure of a building and will go on destroying everything in its path unless halted by the antibody.

W.I.N. has isolated the virus but still have not perfected the antibody. The formula for this must be obtained to restore the balance of power. Joe, with the brain pattern of a top W.I.N. agent, is dropped by parachute near the enemy research station and after making plans with W.I.N. agent 84 allows himself to be captured. The General in charge of the research station is amazed at the presence of a nine year old boy and does not believe Joe when he admits to spying.

While the area is being searched for Joe's non existent accomplices, agent 84 creats [sic] a diversion and in the confusion Joe manages to break into the laboratory and get the formula for the antibody. The guards realise he is free in the research station and close in on him but Joe audaciously steals one of their own aircraft and escapes, leaving the General a very confused man.

Regular Cast:
Joe, Mac, Sam, Shane
Additional Voice Cast:
Dr. Chang Gary Files
General Kwan Jeremy Wilkin
Professor Baxter Gary Files
Hawkins Keith Alexander
Doctor Jeremy Wilkin
Pilot (voice) David Healy
Agent 84 Gary Files
1st Guard David Healy
2nd Guard David Healy/Keith Alexander

The original title for this episode was Mission X-14, and appears (incorrectly) as such in many episode guides, probably because this is what it was called in the ITC Story Information Book.

In the script, the virus is almost always referred to as X41, but the mission is codenamed "Mission X-14". Not much of a codename...

The 2nd Guard is initially voiced by David Healy, but finally voiced by Keith Alexander.

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