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Last updated
9 April 2009

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See You Down There

Teleplay by
Tony Barwick

Directed by
Leo Eaton

Edited by
Norman A. Cole

Original UK Airdate:
March 2nd, 1969 (ATV Midlands)

"...and you say the boy then flew out the window?"

Joe 90 uses a variety of brain patterns to bring about a man's reformation.

*   *   *

Clayton is a financial shark. He will use any method to squeeze a rival into submission, but is clever enough to stay just inside the law. One of his victims is Harris, the owner of a small engineering business. Harris in the past has done valuable work for W.I.N. but at present he is in Clayton's clutches. W.I.N. decide that Clayton should be taught a lesson.

Professor McClaine goes to his office and tells him that he has slipped a drug into the tea he has just drunk. This drug will produce hallucinations which will continue until Clayton changes his ways and he is given the antidote. There is, in fact, no drug.

Sam, Shane, Mac and Joe then proceed to convince Clayton that he is seeing things. They do this chiefly by giving Joe a series of brain patterns which enable him to do things a nine year old would never be able to do normally. Clayton is scared into submission, becomes a new man and swears in future he will be honest.

Regular Cast:
Joe, Mac, Sam, Shane
Additional Voice Cast:
Harris Gary Files
Ralph Clayton Jeremy Wilkin
Doorman Keith Alexander
Jim Molineaux Gary Files
Stewart Keith Alexander
Commentator (voice) Keith Alexander

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