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Last updated
9 April 2009

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The Birthday

Teleplay by
Tony Barwick

Directed by
Leo Eaton

Edited by
Len Cleal

Original UK Airdate:
April 20th, 1969 (ATV Midlands)

"Gentlemen, I give you W.I.N.'s most special agent - Joe 90."

Joe 90 reaches the age of ten - and looks back
over the most exciting and remarkable year of his life.

*   *   *

It is Joe's birthday but everyone seems to have forgotten about it. Mac is going out, Mrs. Harris apologises for not sending Joe a card, and he begins to feel very sorry for himself.

His father returns but still doesn't seem to remember and calls the unhappy Joe into the Dining Room. There to his surprise he finds a huge birthday cake and Mac, Sam and Shane waiting to greet him.

Joe is ten years old and over their tea, they reminisce about all that has happened over the last exciting year. Each in turn tells the story of one of Joe's missions for W.I.N. and in exciting flashbacks we remember them, too.

At the end of the day the toast is Joe 90 W.I.N.'s Most Special Agent.

Regular Cast:
Joe, Mac, Sam, Shane, Mrs. Harris
Additional Voice Cast (in footage taken from earlier episodes):
Guard Gary Files
Pilot (Red Leader) Gary Files
Gregson Keith Alexander
Carter Martin King
Mario Colletti David Healy
Private Johnson Keith Alexander
Sergeant Gary Files

This traditional "flashback" episode features material from The Most Special Agent, Hi-Jacked and Colonel McClaine. According the the shooting script, the episode was originally supposed to include clips from Lone-Handed 90 as well.


The GROUP as before.


MAC: Well go on Joe.
We're all intrigued.
Tell us about the
assignment that only
you know about....

  CUT TO:  
46 CS - JOE JOE: Well, it all started
one day while I was
watching t.v...
You were all in the other

The linking sequences for this episode were shot during the production of See You Down There with exactly the same crew.

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