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Last updated
9 April 2009

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Viva Cordova

Teleplay by
Tony Barwick

Directed by
Peter Anderson

Edited by
Norman A. Cole

Original UK Airdate:
March 23rd, 1969 (ATV Midlands)

"I am a man of the people elected by a democratic vote. I have nothing to fear."

Joe 90 becomes a President's bodyguard - without the President knowing!

*   *   *

Juan Cordova is a man of the people and has just been elected President of his country.

His liberal ideas have, however, made him enemies and his wife is so fearful of his safety that she contacts the W.I.N. organisation, asking if they can help guard him but warning that her husband will not have any form of bodyguard and that efforts to protect him must be kept secret.

Joe 90 is therefore given the brain patterns of a top agent on the assumption that Cordova will certainly never suspect a nine-year-old boy of being a bodyguard. The President's wife, however, is appalled when she finds that Joe has been given this major task. But Joe succeeds in reassuring her, and they leave for a mountain resort.

Cordova is blissfully unaware that he is being protected, and quite ignorant of the fact that, during the journey, Joe has to outwit an ambush attempt; that, while at the hotel, Joe has to thwart two attempts on the President's life; and that Joe overcomes the opposition's final play during a tense and dangerous encounter under-water!

Regular Cast:
Joe, Mac, Sam, Shane
Additional Voice Cast:
Speaker (voice) David Healy
Operator Keith Alexander
General Valdes Jeremy Wilkin
Dorina Cordova Liz Morgan*
President Juan Cordova Gary Files
Garincia David Healy
Waiter Keith Alexander
Frogman Keith Alexander

* Uncredited

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