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Last updated
9 April 2009

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Joe 90 casino chip presentation pack Every once in a while, an item comes along that makes you think... "why?" And "did no-one check this?"

Limited to 1000 sets worldwide, and comprising of six "individually serialised casino grade chips" (not twelve as stated on their web site, which seems to have vanished), you can either purchase the entire set or single chips.

But, honestly, what's the point? I get so annoyed when companies produce items which serve no function other than to be a "collectable" - something that they think the dedicated collector "must have" purely because it's "official". You can't use the chips in a real casino - and would you really want to display them? Like phonecards, they'd probably end up in a cupboard never to see the light of day again.
The chips depict the five main characters from the series and Joe's W.I.N. badge. Which brings us to "did no-one check this?" The chip which purports to be Sam Loover depicts two completely different puppets, neither of which is Sam Loover. One is General Valdes (formally Captain Black) from Viva Cordova, the other is the General from Attack Of The Tiger. I understand mistakes happen, but even a complete idiot should be able to work out something's wrong - the two puppets pictured don't even have the same hair colour! Makes the "Certificate of Authenticity" rather worthless in my opinion. Sam Loover, apparently...
Complete set with presentation case £47.99
Individual chips £7.99 (presentation case free with first purchase)

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