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9 April 2009

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Satellite and cable channel BRAVO began a screening of Joe 90 on November 3rd 2003 which finished - eventually - on January 10th 2004. Sadly, these were not the new 35mm transfers prepared for DVD release, but horrible old 16mm versions with poor colour & sound and covered in dirt & sparkle, just like the Channel 5 VHS releases in the 1980s and the BBC transmissions in the1990s (although at least BRAVO's copies had the original title logo).

I can only assume these versions were in BRAVO's archive from a prior showing, and it was cheaper than getting new copies from Carlton. Shame.

November 3rd The Most Special Agent
November 4th Hi-Jacked
November 5th Splashdown
November 7th International Concerto
November 10th Operation McClaine
November 11th Big Fish
November 12th Relative Danger
November 14th The Unorthodox Shepherd
November 17th King For A Day
November 18th Business Holiday
November 19th Most Special Astronaut
November 21st Three's A Crowd
November 24th Double Agent
November 25th Arctic Adventure
November 26th The Fortress
November 28th Project 90
December 1st Colonel McClaine
December 2nd Lone-Handed 90
December 3rd The Race
December 5th The Professional
December 8th Talkdown
December 9th Breakout
December 10th Child Of The Sun God
December 12th Trial At Sea
December 15th Viva Cordova
December 16th Attack Of The Tiger
December 17th Mission X-41
December 19th Test Flight
January 10th Double Bill:
See You Down There & The Birthday

BRAVO followed the ITC recommended transmission order as opposed to the original production order. But frankly, the prints were so poor it wasn't even worth setting your video for them. If you haven't got them already, go and buy the DVDs!

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